Get to know us

BEETRIBE was established as an entrepreneurial venture with certain goals in mind. The purpose or intention of the company’s founders was not just to establish efficient entrepreneurial machinery which would produce high quality products after minimally and organically processing them, while generating ethical profits, but also, generate employment and produce domain experts for the still nascent food processing industry in India.

The core values that guide us, include active balancing between profitable & efficient entrepreneurial action on one side and upliftment of the rural & tribal economy on the other. We would like to be seen as an initiative that is closer to what is known as “Social Entrepreneurship”!

As a company, we sincerely sympathise with the rural folks like Beekeepers, forest produce gatherers etc., because the founders of the company have themselves gone and done their bit in these professions to know it better, alongside these communities for a significant period of time. The founders of BEETRIBE have seen firsthand, the difficult survival conditions that they go through, while producing these organic edibles! BEETRIBE, would like to champion their cause, process their produce to increase its shelf life, match it with current trends, find new markets for them, guide them through scientific research and also be a helping hand to them, and make sure that they endure the tough times! In all this, we will definitely need your support. THANK YOU.      

Our Team


Arpit Bharat

Arpit Bharat is the Co-founder of the BEETRIBE and a trained and registered Beekeeper himself. He is a published fiction author, a mechanical engineer by education and an IIT Roorkee Alumnus. He is deeply interested in living a healthy lifestyle, focusing both on internal and external health!

He conceived the idea of BEETRIBE, while in his first year of Ph.d at IIT Mandi, as an instrument of healthy food choices & for the upliftment of rural economy.

Through BEETRIBE, he intends to promote healthy food and healthy lifestyle, especially amongst the youth that is increasingly adopting unhealthy patterns and lifestyle in today's fast pacing world.


Paresh Chauhan

Paresh Chauhan is a software prodigy. He is a Software engineer and is also interested in things like beekeeping, promoting healthy lifestyle and also in the upliftment of the rural economy. He is a gardener, who loves nature and its beings.

It was these interests that prodded him to begin and join in the efforts to build up BEETRIBE.