Beginnings of BeeTribe

To Bee or not to Bee!

My school education and the home-made soup never helped me to get a taste of simpleness! Yes, being Simple is perhaps the biggest power one can have...not dumb, insensitive, underconfident or less expressive, but being simple...! When a person starts appreciating the Simple-hood of this universe, he or she begins to solve simple problems! And that's what I feel is mostly needed...because even complex problems could be broken down into a series of simple problems, and with patience things start coming to fruition! 
This dose of realization is what dawned upon me in my First year of PhD at IIT Mandi, where-in without any background in the rural, the simple rural life-forms and the nurture of this Nature came to zoom-in my life! One day, after realizing that although intellectually I was more than a fit for a Doctorate, but NOT regimentally, I stumbled upon the Bees! The You-tube algorithm perhaps came to my rescue, and showed me a beekeeper's V-log, and I almost instantly loved the Bees! My craving for a healthy lifestyle, away from my toxic professor, away from Polluted Mega cities, one, that also had a dose of compassion, which would enable me to SIMPLY straighten a few things in society which should have been straight anyway, the thought of providing a benevolent leadership to the simpleton rural folk while establishing a qualitatively excellent entrepreneurial endeavor....all of that had begun to come together! 
Although, I have planned many things in my life...but this thing, I never planned, rather it came to me! No egoistic planning of doing-ding and doing the dang! It just SIMPLY came to me like a surreptitious a time, when spiritually speaking I had realized that I am perhaps not suitable for any Specific task really! 
After clearing all my PhD exams in just one semester, I resigned and came back home, and with help of a few friends, began the difficult curve of learn how to Keep the Bees! And believe it or not, they were not very easy to keep! 
First, I did Beekeeping and Beekeeping alone to understand really how and why they do what they do! Some of my partners, who had entered with a lot of Plans and not that SIMPLY, after realizing that their mind had booby trapped them for some fancy dreams, left me alone at the first sight of peril, I carried on though!
They say, if you are simple and simply respond to life, you have a much better shelf life! persevere! And when you persevere you learn and enjoy...and anything meaningful that you enjoy, is worth living. Having gotten my hands dirty in the enlightening dirt of the rural, we got our firm registered!
I now know the rural folk like I never did before, they have begun knowing me...I relate to them easily now, and many of them do trust me and love me, like one of them! Some of them are simple, and some of them are not...after all, not all rural folk remain immune from the sting of civilization! But, I do like to work with such folk who are stoic and enjoy something that is more than just eat and sleep...something higher and transcendental! Fortunately rural India does have that breed still!  
In retrospect, to Bee or not to Bee, was never the question, it was and is more about letting life respond to you, and you SIMPLY being prepared to listen and interact to it! I am enjoying the work that we are doing with rural communities at the moment, empowering them gives some spiritual this moment, we are just beginning, if life gives opportunity, we would like to SIMPLY expand.
Thankyou for your Support
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